US airman found dead hours after going missing from RAF air force base in Suffolk


A US airman has been found dead hours after going missing from air force base RAF Lakenheath.

Staff at the airbase had been searching for Camden Mello, part of the 48th Fighter Wing Command Team, throughout the night and into the morning.

Colonel Jason Camilletti said all hands were on deck after it was discovered that Camden was missing.

The officer paid tribute in a video message, informing his fellow servicemen of the man’s death.

He said: “Camden, we love you brother.

“Lauren we are here for you, anything you need, to his father and family in Massachusetts, same to you all.

“It’s an absolute tragedy, we mourn this loss with you.

“To our seven 48th AMXS men and women our arms are also wrapped around you all.

“When you all found out he was missing there was no shortage of manpower to go look.

“I know what he meant to you.

“Two hours ago I was bawling in my car over Camden’s loss, this stuff is real and we’re living overseas in the Covid era when there’s two thirds darkness and one third day and all the other life stresses.

“It’s natural to feel down sometimes, it’s a part of the process.

“Keep battling, my goodness keep battling, we love you so much, you mean so much to the world and please, please do not make a permanent decision in a temporary situation.”